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Shipping an Antique Automobile Safely

Shipping an Antique Automobile SafelyTodd spent many years saving money to buy a vintage car. He wanted one that looked nice and was as close to mint condition as possible. He finally found a beautiful 1939 Ford Coupe in candy apple red and as shiny as a diamond. This was the car he had searched for and was happy to find it at a bargain of a price. Just a few months after purchasing the car, Todd received word from his boss that he was going to have to relocate to the West coast and supervise a new office. After living in Florida his entire life he now had to uproot his home and family in order to move. This also meant he had to find a way to move his 1939 Ford Coupe in a way that would guarantee no damage along the way.
After searching online Todd found Car Shipping Florida and gave them a call. Their staff was friendly and seemed to be very knowledgeable about shipping antique cars like the one that Todd had. He felt a sense of security just from speaking to the representative on the phone who answered his questions and gave him great transport advice. The representative did tell him that shipping a classic car like his needs to be done carefully to make sure the car remains in tip top shape during transport.

Type of Transport

>The Car Shipping Florida customer service representative explained the various types of transport available for cars. He told Todd that while many people will choose open transport, even for antique cars, that enclosed transport from Florida all the way to the West coast would be safer for the Ford in order to preserve the condition of the car. If Todd chose open transport there would be a chance that debris from the road could collide with the car during transport and potentially cause damage and having to repair damage on an antique car can often be very costly even for minor damages.

Damage Insurance

Automobile transport companies like Car Shipping Florida are fully insured to cover damages that may happen during transport. The coverage that was explained to Todd was enough to fully cover his car value in case anything happened. Often with antique cars the coverage will be slightly lower than the true car value and you will want to speak to the representative to see what options you may have to add more coverage.

Points to Ponder

Shipping a car is not a difficult service to find. There are some things you may want to know about when trying to find the best company for your antique automobile. These points can make sure your antique car transport goes seamless and stress free:

Inspection: When the driver arrives to pick the car up he will do a complete physical inspection to check for signs of damage alongside you. Take this a step further though and take pictures, or, preferably take a video of the car. Be sure the film or video is time and date stamped.

Pricing: We all enjoy saving money and finding ways to keep cost for everything as low as possible. When it comes to automobile shipping, especially when it’s an antique car, cutting cost can also cut service. Don’t jump at the lowest price offered. Instead, check the services and how the representative treats you when you speak to them.

At Car Shipping Florida we know what an investment you have made when you purchase an antique car and we work hard to make sure your investment remains in the same condition upon delivery that it was when the moment it was picked up. We work with only professional transport carriers that will ensure safe driving and handling of all motor vehicles that we ship and we always stand behind our customers to provide the best transport services in Florida and nationwide. When you need to have your antique car shipped anywhere in the United States or overseas, be sure to give us a call for the most competitive pricing and most of all, the safest transport services in the industry.

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